Since its inception, 20:20 Church Planting has asked the question
“How can we experience God’s promise that He will do immeasurably more than we can imagine?”
The original vision of 20 new church plants by the year 2020 was surpassed in 2013!
God did much more than we could have ever imagined….and He is not done yet!
He is now showing us His vision of hundreds of new church plants in the next 15 years!

We’re asking the Lord to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches.
We’re believing Him for the unimaginable: hundreds of new churches, disciples, and leaders by 2028!
Come explore the possibilities with us through this 20:20 Initiative interactive website!





His power is still at work, He is still doing amazing things among us.
He has shown that no purpose of His can be thwarted. He is still calling new leaders forth.

Come and see what we’re doing!
Check out our latest videos about church planting and other aspects of the 2020 Initiative here.


Send us your name and email and we will get in touch with you soon.
I know that you can do all things;
no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
- Job 42:2


Turning Point pre-launch 2012

Turning Point second year in 2014

Assessment Process

We are looking for individuals called to God’s mission and vision to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches. We are looking for:

  • Church planters for ERC plants from Maine to Florida and beyond!
  • Church planters or partners with several of our established churches for mother/daughter plants in several geographic areas.
  • Church planters to develop a church planting “supercenter” in one of our urban centers.
  • Church planter associates and/or interns to work in a planting environment while exploring their calling to be future church planters.

Some 2020 candidates have a vision for “saturation planting” and explosive reproduction, which results in multiple plantings. Please take our online assessment test to find out what planting position is right for you! If you have further questions, please contact us or visit our resources page to meet some great people and find some outstanding tools that can help you develop a solid and effective church plant strategy!

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”
-Joshua 3:5

Am I a Planter?

God is possibly stirring something in you – a 20:20 vision perhaps – to start looking for the thing He wants to do in your life. A thing “that is immeasurably more than you can imagine!” Do you think it might have to do something with church planting? If you have true 20:20 vision, you see clearly what’s in front of you, and even what’s further in the future. That’s why we don’t believe you’re here by accident. God has a clear vision for the 20:20 Initiative now and in the years to come. God also has a clear vision for you now and in the years to come. Both of those visions may be intersecting! Church planting can change you, and change others for eternity. Wow! That is “immeasurably more than we can imagine!”



What is the 2020 Initiative?
The 2020 Initiative is a multiplying church planting initiative led by the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God General Conference. The Vision and Initiative to plant 20 churches within our geographic region by 2020, has recently been met, and is now growing into a supernatural-sized vision of planting 100’s of churches.
Is it appropriate to recruit from within my own congregation?
Every situation is different. It depends on various circumstances, and the leadership covering you are under. We will work with you on deciding how to manage this.
How do I recruit leaders of my church plant?
Through our training you will learn a multitude of great skills and ideas. We believe and support the very specific way that God will ask you to use your skills and ideas. The best advice is to PROCLAIM the vision you have and watch God use others to catch the vision and become leaders.
What are the advantages of planting with the ERC 2020 Initiative?
Here is a glimpse of some of our planting covenants:
  • Provide prayer, counsel, direction, and encouragement
  • Provide and fund assessments, training, coaching, and mentoring during the initial phases of developing and planting the church
  • Give education opportunities through Church Growth, seminars, leadership training events, Church Planter cluster groups, Pastor’s workshops, planter and spouse retreats, etc.
  • Serve as credit reference for banking and commercial purposes
  • Encourage partnering, and giving of personnel from surrounding churches
  • Provide counsel and direction in preparing a system for issuing of tax deductible receipts
  • Provide a Treasurer for bookkeeping operations
  • Assist, counsel, and train in the prayer, personnel, and support-raising process
  • Provide financial commitment as previously determined
  • Make conference resources, use of staff, camps, creative programming, available to you and the church
Is there accountability and coaching after planting?
One of the benefits of planting with the ERC Churches of God General Conference is that we will provide you with a network of support. An example of the way we want to partner and support you is through our covenants. This idea comes from scripture where Jesus creates the church as a supportive community of believers; helping and supporting each other. These covenants will help us keep us accountable to one another. We understand that planting churches is the extreme sport of ministry. We value the relationship we have with you and want you to feel part of the 150 churches that make us a strong community. We make sure you are offered coaches, planter clusters, retreats, and many training opportunities so we can “go and grow” together.
Do I select and develop my staff?
Usually intentional development of staff begins as the church has launched and is in a process of development. At the start, the planter/pastor will be developing a leadership team to help make those “next” phase developmental decisions. We are open to new approaches including large scale “staff launches”. We support and realize that even two pastor starts are becoming more popular and successful.
Can I pick the church location?
We believe in the vision where God has called you to plant. Therefore, some planters will have an existing location in mind already. We also will be supporting planters with the intention of placing them within targeted geographic locations within our region.
How long is the preparation process of planting?
If you are newer to church planting, the process is longer, three to six months; or even longer. For someone more experienced a minimum of two to four months is expected.
How long does it normally take to plant a church?
Time frames are influenced by many factors and types of church plants. Naturally, planting activities can be initiated at any time. The time frame of a typical “attraction-based” church plant is 6-12 months. Missional plants have a different time processing sequence altogether.
Do I have to have a degree to plant a church?
We continually recommend planters to invest personally in learning and leadership development. Pursuing college and seminary degree programs are great tools for life development. Overall, your qualification to plant a church is your calling, not your credentials.
Where does the 2020 Initiative name come from?
Through the goal of the initiative to plant twenty churches by the year 2020, which has now been fulfilled and exceeded! We believe, however, that 20:20 vision indicates there is clear vision at a distance, and that the Lord has given us a clear vision to continue planting churches, even into the hundreds!
What is the 2020 Initiative doing?
We plant craveable churches! Craveable! We want to partner with aspiring planters, pastors, and churches to be a part of this world changing movement. We have specifically designed tools, processes, and resources to help us assess, train, coach, and fund church planters and churches that want to partner with us. We want to use the gifts and resources that God gave us, and would love to have you be a part of this multiplying churches movement.
Are there training seminars that I will have to attend?
We do have training, mentoring, and coaching available to all of our church planters. We want to invest in you and the planter gifts you have. We are passionate about helping you grow and reach the potential that God has created for you!



We believe God is calling us to plant hundreds of churches in the next few years.
We want to partner with aspiring planters, pastors, and churches to be a part of this world changing movement.
We have specifically designed tools, processes, and resources to help us assess, train, coach, and
fund church planters and churches that want to partner with us.
We want to use the gifts and resources that God is giving us,
and would love to have you be a part of this multiplying churches movement.



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He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.

- Psalm 147:4-5


We believe that generous financial giving and church planting both exemplify the heart of Christ: unselfishly giving away what's precious to us, for God to use on His mission to transform lives for Christ! We believe that when God's people are obedient through Biblical Generosity the lost find Christ, communities are impacted by a Kingdom of love, and God is seen in ways we could have never imagined. We believe that by building the principles of Biblical Generosity into the DNA of church leadership, these principles become contagious to the Body they lead! Through our generosity initiative,Transformative Financial Living,we are believing God wants to do some of His best work to change us from the inside out while we impact our communities for Christ and eventually the world!

20:20 Church Planting is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization, therefore, all donations are tax deductible.
The information you provide is for the benefit of our organization.
Our privacy policy is developed to protect our patrons, therefore we do not sell or distribute your information in any way.
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